Blisterpak is an American full-service custom thermoforming manufacturer. We specialize in thermoformed clamshells, blisters & trays. Utilizing our in-house design lab, CNC & die shop, along with our 9 thermoforming lines to produce one-of-a-kind packaging solutions.

Thermoforming is the process that involves heating a flat sheet of plastic until it is soft enough to mold. Once it reaches the correct temperature, the sheet advances to the form section. After the sheet is formed, it is then pulled into the mold with pressure and vacuum. The plastic hardens and forms the desired part, which is then trimmed and inspected for quality.


Production Tooling

For over 20 years we lead the thermoforming industry with our in-house tool design and tool building services. Our Design Lab, CNC Department, and Die Shop are able to create high-quality, innovative, and customized tooling to ensure quick turnaround times on sample and production molds.


Combo Run Program

Specifically set up for low to medium volume, fully automatic, or manually sealed projects. Our Combo Run Program allows us to charge a very small price to get you started!

In the Combo Blister program, your order is combined with other customer orders that have a common set-up. In other words, we group small runs of the same gauge on the same sheet so everyone shares the tooling costs, resulting in a unit cost similar to much larger runs.