Blisterpak products

At Blisterpak, our highly experienced team along with our in-house capabilities will develop high-visibility packaging designed to maximize the shelf appeal and protection of your product. Our extensive product offering includes:

Blister Packaging:

A blister package secures your product between a thermoformed plastic part and a printed paperboard backing, also known as a blister card.

Types of Blister Packaging –

  • Face Seal Blister Pack
  • Trapped Blister Pack
  • Full Face Seal
  • Mock Clamshell
  • Club Store
Example of Face Seal Blisters

Clamshell Packaging:

A clamshell is a one-piece plastic package with two sides connected by a hinge. Clamshells can be designed to close via pressure fit, snap locks, button locks, or sealed with heat seal machinery.  Clamshells can include a printed insert card promoting your product’s features and benefits.


Types of Clamshell Packaging – 

  • Standard Hinged Clamshell
  • Tri-Fold Clamshell
  • Reverse Clamshell
  • Stock Clamshell
  • Club Store
Clamshell Packaging

Thermoformed Trays:

Thermoform trays are great for organizing and protecting products inside of a folding carton, rigid setup box, corrugated shipper, or other various forms of packaging. Some thermoform trays also help with the manufacturing process as the cavities of the trays are designed to hold work-in-progress parts.

Trays are available in various colors & materials: PET, RPET, PVC, Styrene, HDPE.


Types of Trays –

  • Retail POP Tray
  • Food Grade Tray
  • Medical Tray
  • ESD Tray
  • Automation Process Tray
  • Shipping Protection Tray

Folding Cartons & Displays:

A folding carton showcases your products with vibrant color graphics and custom configuration possibilities. Add a clear, rigid plastic window or insert tray to the folding carton to create a hybrid package.

A display is a semi-permanent or permanent way of exhibiting your product or products. Displays can be small and on the countertop or shelf as well as In-store end-of-aisle or palletized for Club Store.


Types of Displays –

  • Counter-Top Display
  • End of Aisle Display
  • Floor Display
  • Permanent Display