Blisterpak, Inc. | Thermoforming
Blisterpak, inc. is a
Manufacturer of Thermoformed Packaging
and Distributor of Heat Sealing Machines
(Card-to-Plastic and Plastic-to-Plastic)

Complete Packaging Services

Blisterpak, Inc. is one of the premiere thermoformers in Southern California. We have in-house design capabilities to develop a package from concept to shelf!


  • Complete Package Design (Various Materials)
  • Printed Boxes, Cards and Inserts
  • Packaging Fulfillment
  • Heat Seal Equipment (Card-to-Plastic and Plastic-to-Plastic)
  • Heat Seal Tooling
  • Sealing Machine Repair (Various Brands)

The process begins with getting an understanding of your packaging needs. Once the proper direction is established, we move to the quoting and concept stage: providing you with a cost estimate, followed by a drawing of the package. At the time the drawing is approved, a physical sample is provided for final approvals before moving to the production tool.

Once the order is received for the project, the production tool is created along with any required heat seal tooling. This assures both are completed on time and are tested to assure a good fit during the sealing process. If a sealing machine is ordered along with the blisters, all three will be coordinated to meet the agreed upon timeline, tested and ready to meet your production requirements.

If urgency is required, no problem! We have been able to pull together a complete program including a Heat Seal Machine, Heat Seal Tooling and a Mock Clamshell, from design to production within 4 weeks. This was achieved through our SPEED TO MARKET™ process which is a value added service to address the quick turnaround needs of our customers.

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