Blisterpak, Inc. | Thermoforming
Blisterpak, inc. is a
Manufacturer of Thermoformed Packaging
and Distributor of Heat Sealing Machines
(Card-to-Plastic and Plastic-to-Plastic)

Plastic Packaging


Blisterpak, Inc. it's in our name!

We use our in-house design capabilities to develop high visibility packaging that meets your specific requirements.

We provide custom designed blisters that will set you apart from your competitors for both low and high volume requirements. Check out our combo run program if your order requirements are low to mid range in both PVC & RPET materials. Heat sealed or trapped, our blisters will enhance the look of your products in the market place.





We offer both custom and stock clamshells that can add security and style to your product presentation. Custom clamshells can be designed to meet your exact standards and security/easy-open feature requirements. Made with PVC or RPET plastic, our clamshells are sure to boost your market appeal.

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