Blisterpak, Inc. | Thermoforming
Blisterpak, inc. is a
Manufacturer of Thermoformed Packaging
and Distributor of Heat Sealing Machines
(Card-to-Plastic and Plastic-to-Plastic)

What makes Blisterpak Inc. different from the rest?

  • Complete Package Design (Various Materials)
  • Printed Boxes, Cards and Inserts
  • Packaging Fulfillment
  • Heat Seal Equipment (Card-to-Plastic and Plastic-to-Plastic)
  • Heat Seal Tooling
  • Sealing Machine Repair (Various Brands)

Our customers have found that by partnering with Blisterpak Inc. and utilizing our extensive network, they gain the ability to turn projects around in record time, since they need only contact Blisterpak for their overall packaging needs.

Contact us for more information or free quote.

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