Blisterpak, Inc. | Thermoforming
Blisterpak, inc. is a
Manufacturer of Thermoformed Packaging
and Distributor of Heat Sealing Machines
(Card-to-Plastic and Plastic-to-Plastic)

About Blisterpak

Blisterpak, Inc., Commerce, CA

Blisterpak, Inc. came into existence in 1999 and is currently located in Commerce, CA with over half a dozen thermoformers in service.

We employ more than 40 people, operating consistently on a two shift basis. We own and operate a small fleet of delivery trucks to service our local Southern California customers with a service area extending from the San Fernando Valley to San Diego to the Inland Empire.

This will enable us to retain our production flexibility as we continue to grow, which has been greatly applauded by the business partners we serve. We believe that this will rate high towards customer satisfaction, yielding additional business and profitability to both Blisterpak, Inc. and our customers.

Our Mission Statement

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To provide our "Business Partners" with products and services that enhances their success in the marketplace.

Our Corporate Vision

Blisterpak, Inc. will strive to become the best in its field by projecting an attitude of continuous improvement and customer gratification, thus insuring growth and prosperity for all its Partners.

Our Quality Policy

It is Blisterpak's policy to provide innovative, high quality designs and products that meet or exceed our customers' needs and contribute to our mutual success.

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